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The ecological trend, sometimes imposed by some information resources, very often leads to the politicized sphere. And there is a feeling of some kind of political speculation, but most of the activists of digital platforms, renewable energy sources are most likely worried about their material side, the practical implementation of their efforts and giving it some kind of social significance, benefit for others. The turning point, the point after which we go into personal egoism or through some external motivating moments and our inner awareness into practical steps for the general benefit. It is necessary to form a list of arguments in order to make the right choice, and the longer this list is, the more people will find their own and motivation for such a step. What could be attractive? What we hear, see, read on social networks, news, reviews … But in the end we come to an assessment of boring things that seem too far from us. What can we do and why do we need it? Perhaps you need a familiar and understandable tool that has always been there for many years, which gives water, feeds, unites with the same as you. Just give it a new application in other industries, where it will show itself even better and that important, large, which was not very interesting and will really excite strangers, will bring benefits, awareness of its importance and the already forgotten excitement from the new will return. You ask, what nonsense)) … For example, about the global market of carbon credits, about the prospect of participation in which activists of digital technologies, practitioners of alternative energy should not only think, but take some practical steps.

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