Severe frosts in America and Europe revealed the need for further modernization of alternative energy technologies to improve reliability.

Severe frosts in America and Europe revealed the need for further modernization of alternative energy technologies (solar panels, wind turbines) to improve reliability. People suffer from dramatic increases in the cost of electricity and power outages. This motivates to look for new ways to reduce such risks, to use other available opportunities such as hydrogen technologies, the components of which have a fairly high level of development at the moment. Favorable prospects for the use of hydrogen stimulate many to develop specific technical, chemical-technological and other solutions for the widespread use of hydrogen in everyday life and improve its quality.
It may be necessary to gather disparate people who are now individually making efforts in their narrow direction of global hydrogen technology and have achieved success in this, but who need a wider application of their achievements together with other branches of hydrogen technology in one whole space, which will help to increase their importance, efficiency and will be the impetus for the overall development of the modern economy.
It can be assumed that the most successful option for performing such a task is a multi-thematic technopark. Given the global economic losses against the backdrop of the global recession, but the existing minimum economic growth in the Southeast Asian countries, the degree of availability of innovations, the prospects for the hydrogen market, the project location in this region is more attractive
Within the framework of this idea, existing innovative technologies will be used and jointly applied for the production of environmentally friendly hydrogen, first of all, as an independent substitute for fossil fuels with reliable guaranteed performance of energy functions with zero greenhouse gas emissions. A significant part of hydrogen is still used to improve the quality of fertilizers, oil products, steel, for hydrotreating, hydrodesulfurization, hydrocracking, and catalyst regeneration. Sustainable Use of Hydrogen — Cooling Generators in Power Plants.
The demand for hydrogen is growing dynamically, and entire regions of the planet can use more resistant to natural disasters power supply systems based on green hydrogen to replace oil, gas and coal products.
Now green hydrogen is defined as a service element for electric generation of alternative energy sources (wind turbines, solar panels) as an energy storage device in existing and planned projects for the near future, but its role is much broader as a priority independent product for clean energy.
It is expected that the production of hydrogen by electrolysis of seawater using renewable geothermal energy sources is promising when the required electricity is generated by the heat of the earth and in this case it will be of the category green hydrogen.
The gradual replacement of hydrogen consumption with green hydrogen in the present economy and a deeper introduction of environmentally friendly hydrogen with the further replacement of the products of processing of fossil resources (oil, natural gas, coal) in various industries can be competence within the framework of this idea as the basis for the formation of a whole era of new hydrogen technologies.
Most likely now is the period of the formation of a clean energy system for the transition from the old fossil fuel economy to the new economy running on hydrogen.
Against the background of active debates of the world community about the identified shortcomings of existing alternative energy technologies, new additional arguments are needed to increase reliability, mechanisms to accelerate the transition to a new economy.
The implementation of such plans may be related to the direction of the development of flexible production and energy modules and their assembly according to the LEGO type of parts into a single platform with the simultaneous creation of a digital platform and the use of blockchain technology.
Combining several components into a single whole (green hydrogen production, geothermal electricity, digital technologies) gives them synergy, strengthens each other, increases competitiveness and financial returns.
As a development, there is a good prospect for the creation of an energy hydrogen hub, in which the new cryptocurrency will be the main single financial instrument.
It can be assumed that at the moment we are at the starting point of the beginning of the era of hydrogen, the significance of which is not only within the framework of a new quality of energy. Hydrogen technologies are able to occupy the main sectors of the economy associated with the creation of a favorable environment for humans, setting a completely new level of standards, the prospect of long-term development of existing and the formation of new sectors of the economy.