“In a galaxy far, far away” … Oh, sorry …

Carefully thought out scenarios for managing the hype for cryptocurrencies are like swindling within the framework of the law. Each of the small and large investors is forced to think about it, the time of the three monkeys “I don’t see, I don’t hear, I don’t say” is passing. Discussions about the possibility of combining miners with projects on renewable energy sources and storage, which should provide answers on the principles and technologies for translating such ideas, look timely.

A long time ago, almost every person knew the world in a confined space. Neighboring forest, fields, next to the shore in the sea and all life in its daily routine. Friendships and holidays with the people of the near by city, war when they get bored or they have something better and vice versa. The capabilities of a modern people make it possible to globally study the whole world, access to information, accessibility to each or a huge community without even leaving home. We can get any answer using the Internet or contact the experts themselves and study everything down to the molecule. But maybe in some ways we need to be the same, when you know where the neighboring forest ends and where you will be if you go somewhere, be easier in many ways and pay attention to more important things, ceasing to puzzle over the search for an answer. What is the technology for introducing token technology into material production? How will you do it? We forget that first of all it is offered by people, realizing their ideas: making silicone molds for baking or a means of conquering near space, or even green hydrogen technologies. It is from them, from their business qualities, internal philosophy, moral principles – it all depends on whether you agree with their idea and whether you support this topic. The blockchain-token of this project is a means for implementing an idea, which will work at any stage of the project’s implementation, as an integral part, as the most important means through which relationships are built with millions of people who support the idea and are responsible for themselves and the world around them.