Sakhalin Eurasia Mining PLC

The project effectively be reacted with great interest to the announcement of Eurasia Mining PLC (London) on the agreement reached with H4Energy on a green hydrogen production project in the Russian Far East, Sakhalin island.

Among the first in our previous articles, we have repeatedly pointed out the great potential for the development of such projects on about. Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands. There are great prospects for this region for the early implementation of hydrogen projects based on renewable energy sources with the supply of commercial hydrogen to the Japanese market. Such projects cannot be the privilege of a limited number of participants acting on the basis of their narrow corporate interests under the guise of loud statements about achieving zero emissions and other populist slogans. Unfortunately, we are seeing this trend. There is a risk of repeating the history of the fossil fuel era, when the circle of interested corporations in merging with the state lobby led to today’s reality, from which we are forced to find a common way out. An alternative or a competing significant factor against such risks based on openness, accessibility, transparency can be projects with broad participation of the conscious community using new blockchain technologies and digital platforms. Such projects give a wide range of people who are truly responsible for their future access to financial participation and receive dividends in an industry with long-term growth.

Sakhalin Eurasia Mining PLC and the activity of another hydrogen project by Danish Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners create an overall positive background.

The real prospect of creating such projects is the motivation for the participation of a large number of small investors through the digital platform of the effectively be hydrogen project, the philosophy of which contains such an approach.