Sustainable clothing

A popular topic of sustainable clothing is finding and realizing new meaning in the ordinary. This is a case when the results of destructive human life activity make all spheres of production activity, the service market responsible, and everyone should contribute not according to the principle of benefit to the environment, but at least the absence of harm to it. Clothing manufacturers must influence suppliers to produce zero-emission materials, move away from single use, influence the development of their production, giving preference to the location of their production in places where available renewable energy is used. Together we must strive for continuous development and continuous improvement, including through the use of sustainable clothing, when everyone can get high-quality clothing that meets the criteria of environmental friendliness, cyclicity, manufacturability and modern philosophy of secular asceticism. Such positive directions are only horizontal advancement and a qualitatively different upward vector – these are digital technologies, use of digital which to create a management system, production, logistics, sales of a new production and financial industry of sustainable clothing. Token as a circulating asset within this system with sustainable growth for a long period, as main financial instrument of the global sustainable clothing industry for people of a new philosophy.