Inspiring or Wasteful?

In recent days, we have witnessed a competition to conquer near-earth space and trolling of each other’s participants. Such flights into space as a sign that the Earth has run out of things on which they can spend their money and raises doubts about the existence of any deep meaning of such events. There is a huge need to invest in phased global projects with the prospect of long-term growth and development, based on the withdrawal from fossil fuels, the use of hydrogen and other innovative technologies to achieve zero emissions by 2050, which can become the basis for the study and development of new spaces on Earth with the creation of conditions for people of new philosophy.

Little has been studied what is almost next to us on the Earth itself and remains terra incognita as before, and the world ocean covering more than 70% of the earth’s surface, the development of which has been given great importance since the beginning of the existence of human civilization, is still little studied. The concepts of ocean development with the development of entire floating and underwater cities (Seasteading: How Floating Nations Will Restore the Environment, Enrich the Poor, Cure the Sick, and Liberate Humanity from Politicians, 2017) seem to be more useful for exploiting investments. There is an “air ocean” that covers entire Earth and it would be quite logical to develop the “fifth” ocean with the creation of mobile air agglomerations, the creation of a whole new community of people, the idea of ​​airspace development, a global study of all corners of the Earth, not indifferent to changes in the Earth’s ecology with special screening capabilities for this (Example: French documentary film Home by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, 2009), with new business opportunities, new living conditions, a degree of freedom – airstanding. Such a prospect is a good motivation for creating new and combining existing, but scattered startups developing practical technological components for aeronautics, which will have new standards and set a new ultimate goal of its mission, expanding the circle of interested production and financial participants in addition to people simply passionate about the idea of ​​aeronautics and Earth exploration. In fact, this is a new habitat for a part of the population that is free in its choice of movement and some constraint in conditions different from earthly conditions can objectively initiate the growing need to adhere to the philosophy of secular asceticism, the inhabitants of such agglomerations will become the standard of such a concept.

Already now humanity is experiencing the results of its negative impact on the environment, natural disasters are already extremely destructive and the degree of threat to the population is rapidly increasing.

Perhaps an increase in the role of supranational structures will bring to life those iconic figures who are carried away by stupid competitions and make them remember their responsibility and their role in getting out of the knot of problems. These structures must push their solutions into an inert and sometimes reluctant community, which by its very nature must be at the forefront of solving urgent global problems.