Are we ready for sustainable future

The beautiful cultural center building made entirely of locally sourced timber meets the new standards for achieving carbon neutrality in modern architecture and urban planning.


Such projects provide an understanding of the new reality of creating a real space when all the components for the full existence of an individual, community (clothing, food, living quarters, industrial premises, means of transport, etc.) are able to meet the requirements of sustainability. Sustainable clothing made from new materials as a small puzzle in the overall picture of the harmonious arrangement of a single environment of new cities, which, due to such components, cease to be a futuristic fantasy and together with real working projects of new energy based on green hydrogen, make a new reality tangible. One can only ask oneself a question: Does the inner world and its arrangement of each individual correspond to the level of this tangible reality? Can we honestly rank ourselves among the next philosophy of secular asceticism? Are we ready to accept it? Are we effective in achieving this?