New challenges and New approach

New challenges of the global Covid pandemic are forcing us to rethink many aspects of our existence, our relationship to ourselves, to the surrounding space and renders. A very positive idea of ​​secular asceticism as a mechanism for adaptation and standards of consumption in the new reality. New approaches are opening up in defining the standards of surrounding things, the search and implementation of which is of a creative, positive nature, new internal potentials of a huge number of people who are striving to create new products in such conditions are being revealed, giving millions of people a choice, it would seem, in an atmosphere of general despondency and pessimism. The gradual realisation of the need to revise their requirements for everyday objects of use is a general trend.

Every day we need protection from a host of aggressive factors affecting our health (low and high temperatures, electromagnetic radiation), including viruses and bacteria. EMF protection and silver plated clothing might be the answer.