Amazing AI

Wonderful portraits of fictional people from cartoons with the participation of AI are delightful.
Ability of AI to provide such assistance in creativity is no longer just a function of an expensive, accurate and magnificent tool, but its wider significance and its participation in this capacity, its compliance with our requests, makes us tender and positive. But how will our personas meet the criteria for assessing AI in the future, when AI will be at the heart of governance and regulation mechanisms? This is not about the plot of the film and the gloomy prospect of forced education, the sorting of people, the system of restrictions, but rather about the need for changes in ourselves right now. The principles laid down in the modern understanding of the philosophy of secular asceticism fit into the foundations and algorithms of daily behaviour, the need for which is ripe for a general reorganisation.
And by the way, according to the AI, the portraits of Eric Theodore Cartman and others from South Park would be just as cute?