New look at ordinary

All sorts of theories appear regularly that promise to open our eyes to all aspects of life. They can be aggressive and vice versa very dull, causing boredom. But is it true that without them we used to walk with our eyes closed? We walk the streets and there is almost everyone with a blind soul, a closed mind or with huge bumps on their foreheads like after a strong fight in a pub or like the walking dead? Or this bunch of politicians who furiously urge us to look in one or the opposite direction of political ideas, perhaps the offer to admire the sunrise or vice versa sunset is much more pleasant than their calls. What if we just need to improve our vision, which is a little blurry from everyday worries, fuss, problems that are especially pressing on us now? We need a new clean look at ordinary things around us, we are very smart and can draw our own correct conclusions and change our lives. The philosophy of secular asceticism is like corrective glasses, there is no discomfort in them and they open up completely new things in us so that we change and change the world around us. And yes, these are probably smart glasses, because modern secular asceticism is the use of innovative digital technologies to promote and popularise a wonderful philosophy.