Stakeholder capitalism 

The concept of Stakeholder capitalism in a letter from Larry Fink BlackRock Chairman and CEO to the CEOs of the companies evokes mixed feelings. Indeed, his call for a sustainable, ecological, socially conscious, forward-thinking form of stakeholder-based capitalism seems very timely for this challenging period.

“Stakeholder capitalism is not about politics. It is not a social or ideological agenda. It is not “woke.” It is capitalism, driven by mutually beneficial relationships between you and the employees, customers, suppliers, and communities your company relies on to prosper. This is the power of capitalism”

This does not sound like some kind of radical reform or a turn from mainstream dogmas. Critics of this concept talk about the lack of ambitious missions and even accuse them of betraying the true values ​​of equity capitalism for the public good.

Of course, it is no longer possible to hide, but at the same time it is very scary to experiment, it can fall on your head. There is nothing else, no ideas, no traditions, no ideals, no goals, there is only share-capital that determines all these situations, and then it is very strange to expect some new turning theories from people like Larry Fink, especially since most likely criticism they expect from him no less than optimal models of a new socio-economic structure. With eyes closed and fingers crossed.