A tool for the formation of new meanings

Discussions about the need to restore purposeful government in the public interest for industrial policy, and at the same time, the ideas offered on the same platforms to expand the mission of other stakeholders to motivate them to act and generate impulses to overcome the crisis after the pandemic look like a forced agenda. However, this is just a discussion of tools in the implementation of tasks to achieve the goal. Goals that go beyond some financial and political interests. All this is happening against the background of an extremely uncertain consciousness of the majority of the population, the lack of convincing meanings, trust in the mechanisms and systems for promoting ambitious missions, previous negative experience, material and moral losses of most people during the crisis. The ideas of secular asceticism may not contradict the still dominant liberal market approach, which also at first glance does not combine with the ideas of secular asceticism, but at least in some places, industries it is possible as a service approach for promotion and popularization. In this case, balance is very important, a purely material goal will bury the idea of ​​​​secular asceticism. In this capacity, secular asceticism as a tool for the formation of new meanings and the very goal of achieving in the minds of people.