“And the living will envy the dead, give up, otherwise death is all the same”.

Sauron “And the living will envy the dead, give up, otherwise death is all the same”… but there were people.

Schwab and the inclusive plan to create a modern world and implement the strategy of the great reset took almost 50 years to move to the positive part of the implementation from the Forrester model of world dynamics in 1969 to the transition to the open phase in 2020 as a practical experience of social engineering activities. All those who try to think about a positive world are millennials, although it is unlikely that there will be any civilisational advances in the next few centuries.

The future of the modern world is seen as a world digital concentration camp, a situation where all pragmatics, all logic speaks of hopelessness, where there is no strategy and nothing else, the fight against which is useless, a world where no one owns anything, only they use it. The global worlds of the future are hardly similar to the computer worlds created today or the worlds of computer games that have nothing to do with reality at all, but they are and are their demiurges. What can set new tasks for a person in such a situation when the level of reason is seen as finite? Secular asceticism is the answer to the question “How will I cultivate myself?” and the opportunity to jump to the next level of future rebirth. Any important idea created about the future, if not presented in digital technology, it is very important to fix it.