The Wise Men

Digitalisation, ability to simulate events along with the increasing power of the machines, neural-networks, the ability of such systems to self-learn, all this in a single system in real time gives the possibility of control and influence. It is very important that the management of such systems is carried out by the best people, wise, fair, with a clear morality imbibed with mother’s milk, brilliant professionals, good analysts, capable of surpassing other people in professional qualities, those who belong to the elite. Following the philosophy of Plato on the role of the elect and domination, then secular asceticism, so popular in their narrow circles, may cease to be an object of limited attention and become rather an object of promotion on their part as the basis of a new worldview, useful skills, popularisation of secular asceticism among the general population. Using the possibilities of digital technologies will give accessibility, expanded coverage, educational and educational effect. The new role of the elites is the discovery of wide accessibility and understanding of secular asceticism as a necessary basis for the movement of the population into the future.