The bright colours of #NFTs 

Behaviour in the community – everyday skills, the volume of which is formed individually and, in fact, must meet the requirements of the community. The internal process of developing these skills, their improvement for harmonious interaction within the community as an element of personal polyvalent sustainable development is a very useful and interesting story. The creativity of NFT, which has significant internal potential to promote a positive development direction to upgrade the daily behavioural component of the personality, is a new form of attracting the attention of the entire community to the formation of such changes. New time dictates the need to create and apply other new forms. This is not a rejection of coaching books, personal growth theories of “how to behave properly at the table.” This is an independent modern form that has its own undeniable advantages, first of all, huge popularity and the foundation laid inside, the potential – modern digital technology for a colourful and interesting process of popularising and accepting the features of sustainable behaviour in everyday life. Features that through simple things will make everyone’s life comfortable, organic, with a positive perception of such changes by others. The conciseness of forms, or vice versa, the bright colours of NFT is a matter of taste and personal preferences, the meaning of the content of positive changes in sustainable development in simple things as an element of a big future picture is important.