Valuable essence of everyday skills

Anxious times are dividing people more and more and it is no longer just a matter of state borders, division between continents, social strata, groups, ideological differences, the separation of people is becoming deeper and deeper. We do not know who lives in a neighbouring apartment or house, misunderstanding between generations, we go into capsules like cocoons of our enclosed space. There are no threads for sewing together people leaving each other, and no one is looking for the possibility of rapprochement. Everyday useful skills are still present in our lives, we pay little attention to them, because most of them happen automatically, but we gradually lose them and their quality decreases. Various reasons, perhaps because they require a little more attention and effort than usual, or we are trying to simplify them. But it is very important to preserve the valuable essence of useful skills in their proper quality, to restrain the process of their levelling. To pay attention to this, to make everyday useful skills the basis of social positive interpersonal interaction, and this may become an element of rapprochement of many, many people, regardless of age, location, and other differences. Thin thread, but let it be. NFT is a wonderful opportunity to promote the convergence of people in a positive trend of preserving and developing everyday useful skills.