NFT. How to make profit?

The concern of participants in the vast NFT space is a vulnerability in the main question “how to make a profit?” Complex answers to this simple but most important question seem to be “blah blah blah digital bots…blah blah blah system interactions…” and it seems that the main goal of such explanations is to apply and use as many pseudo technological terms and concepts to create deceptively confusing language for buyers, to drag them into this foxhole of essentially empty heaps of explanations. It is unlikely that anyone is able to go through this thread of deliberately invented complex explanations of the NFT authors to some kind of logical understanding of how to  get profit and then the main argument for self-persuasion, if everything is so complicated, then it will definitely succeed. There is an element of craftiness and self-deception in this, which causes concern in the gradual disappointment in the initially very promising and technologically advanced NFT, which is a product of creativity and digital technology within itself and can develop with the prospect of long-term growth.

It is quite possible that there is no need to invent something complicated when there has been and will be an experience of essentially simple mechanisms of the existing and future market, and this simple explanation is connected with the example of the junk bond market.

The phenomenon of Michael Robert Milken’s success, ease of decision-making in contrast to the heavyweight investment banks in the junk bond market, his participation in the financing of the creative MGM Mirage, Mandalay Resorts, Harrah’s Entertainment and Park Place similarity of NFT in the creative beginning, similar success of junk bonds during the Great Depression and the financial problems of today make us take a fresh look at the prospects for NFT. “There is no lack of capital, there is only a lack of talent” (Michael Robert Milken) These words are very harmonious with the essence of the NFT, in which talent is the basis of success on the logical and understandable rules of the junk bond market.