New NFT Philosophy

The cornerstone of the new NFT philosophy in popularising and promoting the polyvalent model of sustainable development is the achievement of a conscious understanding of the responsibility of all subjects and actors to create special conditions for a person, for the sake of a person. There are no friends and foes, all people are people. Disunity, people are just scared, they come up with what is scary or just difficult in this part of the globe or society, and they have a zone in their mind that they mark and where they never go. It’s just that they mark it as broken sectors on a hard disk, which are marked with a special code, to which nothing is ever written and no matter what is behind the fence, 

fenced off and denied the right to a normal existence in their minds. You can’t just change people if they aren’t ready for it. NFT is a way to reach out to everyone to realise the need for personal sustainable development and accept the need to achieve sustainable development. A gradual process of involvement, which can and should be the basis for the growth of social capital with the formation of a new space for the use of high technologies by the human population. This is the case when there is no contradiction between personal sustainable development and material gain.