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  • Fall of Meta

    The fall in the value of Meta (FB) is ofcourse a huge material loss in one day. “Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg may be keen to coax the world into an alternate reality, but disappointing fourth-quarter results were quick to burst his metaverse bubble,” said Laura Hoy, an equity analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown. The built […]

  • The Wise Men

    Digitalisation, ability to simulate events along with the increasing power of the machines, neural-networks, the ability of such systems to self-learn, all this in a single system in real time gives the possibility of control and influence. It is very important that the management of such systems is carried out by the best people, wise, […]

  • Empty goals.

    The theory of distraction from acute problems, dishonest manipulations have become common practice in modern media and are described in sufficient detail by many authoritative experts, including NOAM CHOMSKY, Professor of Linguistics at MIT  Motivation for a deep study of the causes and identification of the true interests of such manipulations is the lot of […]

  • What to do?

    During the crisis caused by the pandemic, there is no concept of an effective exit and there is no intelligible plan after covid 19. There is some aggression and questions for managers who cannot explain what needs to be done now and what they will do tomorrow. Inflation, falling living standards. Empty memorandums and results […]

  • “And the living will envy the dead, give up, otherwise death is all the same”.

    Sauron “And the living will envy the dead, give up, otherwise death is all the same”… but there were people. Schwab and the inclusive plan to create a modern world and implement the strategy of the great reset took almost 50 years to move to the positive part of the implementation from the Forrester model […]

  • A tool for the formation of new meanings

    Discussions about the need to restore purposeful government in the public interest for industrial policy, and at the same time, the ideas offered on the same platforms to expand the mission of other stakeholders to motivate them to act and generate impulses to overcome the crisis after the pandemic look like a forced agenda. However, […]

  • Stakeholder capitalism 

    The concept of Stakeholder capitalism in a letter from Larry Fink BlackRock Chairman and CEO to the CEOs of the companies evokes mixed feelings. Indeed, his call for a sustainable, ecological, socially conscious, forward-thinking form of stakeholder-based capitalism seems very timely for this challenging period. “Stakeholder capitalism is not about politics. It is not a […]

  • web 3.0 

    Concept of the development of Internet technologies about the interaction of computer systems or the Internet with the physical world, together with the popular idea of ​​decentralising the Internet, together with the use of blockchain technology, give a new idea and philosophy of freedom, new opportunities. The Internet will become honest, with a completely different […]

  • Amazing AI

  • New look at ordinary

    All sorts of theories appear regularly that promise to open our eyes to all aspects of life. They can be aggressive and vice versa very dull, causing boredom. But is it true that without them we used to walk with our eyes closed? We walk the streets and there is almost everyone with a blind […]