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  • Everbe version 0.3

    Users of modern technology products are unlikely to think about the components that make up these products, what they consist of and about the long history of their creation. Interested in convenience, functionality, the result that will be achieved when using them to the advantage. Meet the requirements of the consumer, creation of products that […]

  • Sustainable and creative

    A constantly open discussion about the search for new forms for development based on the positive or negative processes of any system is a favorable factor for understanding the need for an upgrade, natural evolution in response to new external conditions. The NFT phenomenon has a very similar situation, and against the backdrop of great […]

  • Significance of #NFT

    The significance and connection of tokenisation with the existing economy of many leading countries, where a significant share is occupied by the service sector, in which there is no material embodiment of the finished product (kilograms, litres, meters, pieces of product), allow us to re-evaluate the possibility of using NFT as a convenient form of […]

  • Happy Halloween

    Evil spirits on Halloween, funny and scary costumes, funny traditions when together with friends and family we celebrate this long-awaited holiday. We are waiting for it, we are preparing for it and this is a tradition since childhood. Explosive emotions, laughter, fun, creativity. Every time in a series of routine work, when goals, tasks seem […]


    OVERMIND or gestalt of the intellect, something whole, exceeding in size the sum of its parts – a general organised perception. Describing the problems of the target reader may take a series of several editions of other large books. These are global problems and local difficulties, and all of them are connected with the realities […]

  • Prologue

    The impasse of a selfish, consumer culture, the lack of clear mechanisms for the implementation of sustainable development calls into question the new global system of the planet’s material resources, which will allow you to live comfortably with the greatest freedom, develop intellectually and creatively, create a new culture of technological development, and not just […]

  • New NFT Philosophy

    The cornerstone of the new NFT philosophy in popularising and promoting the polyvalent model of sustainable development is the achievement of a conscious understanding of the responsibility of all subjects and actors to create special conditions for a person, for the sake of a person. There are no friends and foes, all people are people. […]

  • Create change

    The creativity of NFT as an element of art highlights the NFT community as a group in which creative creation prevails, and this essence allows you to more acutely feel all the exciting social problems, empathise, perceive the need for social change more deeply, listen to your inner self more often, realise the need for […]

  • NFT. How to make profit?

    The concern of participants in the vast NFT space is a vulnerability in the main question “how to make a profit?” Complex answers to this simple but most important question seem to be “blah blah blah digital bots…blah blah blah system interactions…” and it seems that the main goal of such explanations is to apply […]

  • Valuable essence of everyday skills

    Anxious times are dividing people more and more and it is no longer just a matter of state borders, division between continents, social strata, groups, ideological differences, the separation of people is becoming deeper and deeper. We do not know who lives in a neighbouring apartment or house, misunderstanding between generations, we go into capsules […]