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  • “Our World Can’t be Different if We Are Not Indifferent”

    Every morning begins with the analysis of charts, markets and where you can make a profit and this should be development, the language of numbers cannot be closed in its own space. The mechanism of decentralized systems gives freedom to everyone who wants to realize themselves beyond the outlined horizons and apply achievements in other […]

  • The apocalypse is not today.

    In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, the Center for Disease Control has updated its guidelines for preparedness for yet another extreme event: the zombie apocalypse. This is a practical guide for any emergency such as hurricanes, earthquakes or floods, etc., but only if zombies are roaming the streets. The CDC recommends: “provide yourself with […]

  • Chicken or egg?

    Hydrogen technologies already have certain successes and clearly formulated development plans under the control and assistance of government agencies, funding through the budget. A huge number of real products and equipment for hydrogen are waiting in the wings for widespread use. All this huge structure is already taking the form of limited, sedentary mastodons, scattered in […]

  • We are not us, we are better …

    The ecological trend, sometimes imposed by some information resources, very often leads to the politicized sphere. And there is a feeling of some kind of political speculation, but most of the activists of digital platforms, renewable energy sources are most likely worried about their material side, the practical implementation of their efforts and giving it […]

  • Asian cuisine and kind hands.

    Remembering many corners of the beautiful Southeast Asia, the most delicious comes to mind when you inhale the aromas of spices, mouth-watering smells of dishes being prepared in small Asian eateries. It could be Kasujiru soup warming with sake somewhere in the suburbs of Nagoya, fiery Seoul Kimchi Tige, fragrant and spicy Suanlatang soup in Chengdu, […]

  • Digital platforms. A new channel.

    Decentralized digital systems as an innovative industry must certainly have reliable mechanisms to protect against turbulence, depending on subjective factors affecting the course schedules, and have a visible long-term growth perspective. The participation of crypto platforms in new material sectors of the economy is the main way to accomplish such tasks. Of course, many people […]

  • Green hydrogen for Southeast Asia

    Prospects for the production of green hydrogen for Southeast Asia and the level of today’s technologies for liquefying hydrogen, transportation prices prioritize pipeline delivery. The largest hydrogen consumers in the region (Japan, South Korea) should take a closer look at promising sites near where the production of green hydrogen is possible. Most likely these are […]

  • Linking token to material values

    What matters is the binding of the token to physically existing material values ​​or to the prospects for the formation of such through the activities of the project. In this case, it is not the “instant” profit that is important, but the long-term stable profitability of EVA (Economic value added), which shows in which direction the […]

  • Problem and Solution

    Increasing greenhouse gas emissions and pressures on natural resources constitute a global climate change challenge and a dead end within the archaic fossil fuel economy. The overall goal is to create and develop new technologies of alternative fuel energy, modernize existing sectors of the economy and generate new directions for the development of the global […]

  • Whose environmental friendliness is more environmentally friendly?

    We are witnessing a global discussion about the disadvantages of hydrogen energy, where the emphasis is on the affection and commitment of hydrogen projects from Exon and other fossil fuel companies. “Concealment of the catastrophic consequences of their activities for investors, governments, information wars for fears, uncertainties and doubts in climatology and new energy technologies, […]