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  • Japan as it is.

  • On the road of disappointment.

    The formulation of each stage in the development of world technologies is associated with any specific chemical element as a single concept or in the composition of chemical compounds (Stone Age, Iron Age, Bronze Age …). Long period of fossil fuels since inception human use of fire is associated with carbon. Story about one chemical […]

  • Kerosene lamp is still burning.

    The ingenious Elon Musk with a rocket fleet performing a global task providing a network of satellites. Acceptable damage to nature for the benefit of the development of innovations. Rocket fuel kerosene + oxygen and other mixed toxic fuels are negative for the ozone layer. You can discuss for a long time about the bias […]

  • Effectively be free. Philosophy of the New Economy.

    Some difficulties in providing renewable energy this winter do not stop the global process of increasing it through new projects. Most of the forecasts are associated with a steady trend towards a steady decline in the cost of renewable energy and will “virtually become free” (by 2030 according to the Financial Times forecast). And this […]

  • Hype. Elixir & Poison.

    Hype as a mechanism for promoting and giving significance to any project as a standard for the implementation of innovative projects in the modern world. But perhaps it hurts the breakthrough projects of the material areas of the new economy. Around such projects, a group of approvers and opponents will necessarily form. Those who are […]

  • “Zero letter” CNN: “News of the outreach comes as lawmakers and key US allies are eagerly awaiting details about Biden’s North Korea policy, which they expect will be announced publicly ….” It is about the lack of communication with a party that is important in regional and global security. But what kind of dialogue is possible? […]

  • Regional trade-offs and global challenges.

    The craving and passion of mankind for making global discoveries for its settlements has dried up or having retained some of its past forms, pursues completely different tasks (global immigration as a search for better conditions, and not the discovery and development of new lands by pioneers). Reached the limits of the old fossil fuel economy […]

  • Table and place at the table.

    `It wasn’t very civil of you to sit down without being invited,’ said the March Hare. There are more and more crypto currency as a method of payment for goods and services. It is possible to use it as the same means in the global market for decarbonized energy carriers as an innovative decentralized mechanism […]

  • About cookies and Dark Side.

    There are always temptations. “Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!” Someone can automatically answer “I do not eat carbs!”. Rather that “Let me see … my Precious”. When a huge digital stream goes to you every day in which you live and the rest is completely unimportant. I brought the numbers together, it […]

  • Geography and controversy.

    Pacific Ring of Fire. The huge length of the ring makes it possible to find the most successful place in the implementation of the green hydrogen project associated with the use of geothermal energy. The criteria for evaluating such a location for a new project are: proven reserves of geothermal energy, availability, proximity to markets, attitude […]