The impasse of a selfish, consumer culture, the lack of clear mechanisms for the implementation of sustainable development calls into question the new global system of the planet’s material resources, which will allow you to live comfortably with the greatest freedom, develop intellectually and creatively, create a new culture of technological development, and not just satisfy your hunger, satisfy your random whims with the search for maximum rates of return for a small part of the world’s population.

There is a great risk for the rational use of natural and ecological resources without harming the planet, the management and use of a reproducible natural environment, an economic system for a better standard of living for people and for a much brighter future.

The objective conditions for achieving the goals of sustainable development are largely made up of well-thought-out mechanisms and strategies. If we do not discuss the reasons for the resulting decomposition of such development, then a huge number of structures are now solving very important, but limited by their level, tasks. The application of each finished project where technology with a support at one point does not look sustainable. Really useful high-tech projects with a limited narrow function, isolated without a ready place in the application system, when the question of the primacy of each of these technologies and the most conceptual system of technology integration (Which comes first: the chicken or the egg?) is not resolved, experience difficulties in investing.

Away with arguments about the primacy of some components, systems or markets for their application! There is no division into primary and secondary for mutual support and evolutionary development of technologies to achieve sustainable development goals

The exit from the node is a polyvalent model of sustainable development, where an extended list of high technologies from different industries, together with digital technologies, function simultaneously, increase overall sustainability, and develop for frontal movement in a common wide lane in one direction.

The use of blockchain digital technology to simplify the financial interaction of the internal structures of the polyvalent sustainable development model among themselves, external structures, investors based on wide availability and transparency. The last point is very important for the prospect of attracting investments from projects based on hype and short-term benefits to long-term sustainable development projects.

The polyvalent model of sustainable development is a single stable, non-inert system with a sensitive response to changes, where openness to other people’s useful projects, mutual integration and cross-use, constructive interaction with state administrative bodies of various locations, greater efficiency, risk reduction, guarantees of long-term growth, formation of real useful intellectual property based on tangible working projects, as well as other positive features, are factors in a long new historical stage in the development of the human population and at the same time the subject of a standard IPO with the prospect of a very long multi-stage and multi-component development to attract significant mixed investments. This is also the subject of a fruitful discussion about the role, benefits and new value of social capital, where for the extreme points of assessment that the phenomenon “does not cost anything” or “this is the essence of the future economy” a compromise paradigm with new material meanings and prospects for the social capital, digital technologies embedded in ordinary online platforms and the use of tokenization.

The polyvalent model of sustainable development is a comprehensive framework for the contribution and participation of the many in order to achieve well-being and sustainable development. The image of a wonderful society of users of innovations in various industries, digital technologies, people of the philosophy of secular asceticism to form a common space and a catalyst for the growth of the number of like-minded people and practitioners of a new everyday life.

The cornerstone of the philosophy of the polyvalent sustainable development model is RESPONSIBILITY. The responsibility of a person to the outside world, to himself, to the future and, of course, responsibility in the polyvalent model of sustainable development. Everyday, systematic promotion of consciousness and responsibility of personal sustainable development as an adapted form of the ideas of secular asceticism in the context of a new high-tech social evolution is the firmware and the inner essence of the philosophical content of the polyvalent model of sustainable development for a person and in the name of a person. The upgrade of a person is not associated with the implantation of external improving gadgets and chips, special conditions are created for the growth of consciousness, responsibility and investment in projects related to this, which were previously difficult for material implementation.

The implementation, material embodiment, development of a polyvalent model of sustainable development is the creation of an environment for a person in the form of special settlements of colony locations as the primary basis for uniting people who share the goals of sustainable development. The use of unified components (like LEGO) to simplify the creation of such objects of various locations and integration into a single network based on publicly available proprietary technologies, technology products, intellectual property, digital technologies and philosophical filling with the ideas of adapted secular asceticism.

All this is a truly huge task that requires a new qualitative approach to investment and promotion mechanisms, popularization of the sustainable development model. A system has been formed when the communicative function for data transmission, the development of new technologies in this area and other high-tech industries, and the whole subculture that has formed around them does not initially determine the reliability of the data themselves. There is no magical cartoon harp that can scream “Lie, lie, lie!” in response to lies.

 This is a significant gap that has become a factor in the common practice of obtaining high profitability, which is used by unscrupulous people in the high-tech digital industry.

 How to strike a balance between the unconditional benefits of digital technologies and the risk of losses in hype digital investment projects?

How can people abstract from the result of the reformatting of initially idealistic technologies of projects “for people” like bitcoin or ether, etc., into projects manipulated and controlled by certain individuals and structures?

How can venture projects develop in which investors cannot control their investments, where the inherent decentralization and independence are overthrown and the risk of an uncertain future of venture projects is the risk of achieving sustainable development goals?

Such problems today are a huge burden and uncertainty in the global development of high technologies and the achievement of sustainable development goals.

The standard lines of white papers and the elaborate promotion seem more and more like a careful attempt to convince of an advantage and future profits to mask a successful deception. A delicate balance has been established in accepting or denying such a reality. The question of creating a technology of culture of the outer syntactic and grammatical surface to overcome the difference between us, separate individuals, so that people turn inside out is a truly historical task. Bring the mind to the surface, and internalize the body in the imagination as an object worthy of praise. An inversion for through-steps of controlled and inevitable communications that can be held rather than heard. Very simple thoughts and conclusions give rules on the basis of an elementary and at the same time deep concept of RESPONSIBILITY.

We are responsible for ourselves, for our decisions in any industry. You allowed yourself through your platform to be a startup / crypto project – control it so that it does not bring harm and loss to the people involved until it matures. This is your responsibility.

Only basic crypto on a personal wallet in the style of “your keys your crypto”, young projects under supervision inside the exchange until the people themselves / investors decide to withdraw them. Not a new alternative financial system, but a virtual reality based on responsibility, predictability of life and the future, but HYIPs for risk and gambling lovers.

This is not the principle of UNIQUENESS AND UNIQUENESS, there will be similar projects that will be better and more technologically advanced, but the main principle is “EVERYTHING FOR PEOPLE AND FOR THE SAKE OF PEOPLE”. It is a meaning that should inspire and give meaning to the dreams and expectations of all people. This is the meaning that gives purpose to working on such a vision, philosophy of movement and ways to achieve the goals of sustainable development.

Why is the meaning and philosophical content of the polyvalent model of sustainable development important?

The unconditional positive and the cult of technical progress did not change a person (Cain killed Abel), and in the default liberation of a person from this “chimera”, human conscience, responsibility is overthrown. Is a person ready for the process of sustainable development, does a modern person have real motivation, responsibility, awareness of the need for such a process? How to get away from the risks of the approaches of a modern, but outdated person to a new polyvalent model of sustainable development? The philosophical filling of the model in itself cannot achieve anything, it only serves and supports certain trends and directions of the model, filling it with meanings to achieve goals and of course Responsibility does not pay off. This is the trap of defining the prerogative of the components of the sustainability model towards the material components of the model. There is no sustainable development without human responsibility, without a process and mechanisms for accepting and realizing responsibility by a person, without effective mechanisms for promoting and popularizing responsibility.

Achieving the goals of sustainable development in the name of a person and for the benefit of a person is necessarily associated with personal development, which is essentially multicomponent and it is quite appropriate to use the concept of “personal sustainable polyvalent development”. Personal polyvalent development affects all aspects and forms of human activity, its existence, its place in Nature, in the environment, social structures, in everyday interaction with all factors of the surrounding space, achieving a balance between its internal content and external activity, physical condition, social position , thoughts and actions, responsibility and reason. Beneath each category of manifestation lies a personalized deep and complex process for the overall movement towards sustainable development. The mechanism and ways of popularizing such ideas, components of a polyvalent model and personal sustainable development according to the “from simple to complex” type are very important.

Is it possible to consider that the popularization and promotion of sustainable development is the lot of popular celebrities or specific people with their huge fees? Without denying their contribution and importance, but is it the right thing to do and is it in line with sustainable development? Is it even possible to consider billions of dollars spent in the current forms of popularization of any idea as acceptable and effective for sustainable development?

Popularization and promotion of sustainable development based on openness, transparency, accessibility must meet and generate new standards and requirements for popular Internet platforms, social networks, in which the huge potential of digital technologies creates new opportunities for solving the Responsibility does not pay off node and the use of ICO in popularization, promotion of the polyvalent model of sustainable development. The latter process cannot exist without other material components of the polyvalent model. This is an interconnected functionality, joint and several responsibility of the guarantee and material support for the fulfillment of tasks to achieve the goals of the polyvalent model of sustainable development, long-term growth and the absence of foreseeable boundaries for development. New opportunities and meanings for using existing popular platforms, the potential of social networks and other systems of wide access to convey the ideas of a polyvalent model of sustainable development and personal sustainable development in an attractive and understandable way.

This approach is applicable to any popular Internet platform, social network with wide access to the audience based on digital technologies.

Using the example of any popular social network, NFT, where the display of text, images and videos with great potential for developing its own capabilities and as a full-fledged independent component, can be used in polyvalent multidisciplinary sustainable development models to create an attractive shell for promoting positive and very important ideas. Creativity as an element of art highlights the community as a group in which creative creation prevails, and this essence allows you to more acutely feel all the exciting social problems, empathize, perceive more deeply the need for changes in society, more often listen to your inner self, realize the need for change and sustainable personal growth. A multi-million audience, accessibility, safety – this is a great environment and the ability of the community to convey their creativity and thoughts to the audience, communities can and should become the basis of a real popularization of the movement towards personal polyvalent sustainable development. The inner creativity of each participant is backed up by amazing digital technology. Such a single tandem without a doubt creates a real prospect of long-term growth, the growth of the influence of everyone involved in global positive sustainable development through the existing market mechanisms of stock market junk bonds.

For young people, such a process is an attractive means of gaining knowledge and developing aesthetic taste. This is a clear algorithm for them to accept useful high-quality information, draw attention to the world of knowledge, a mechanism for access to knowledge, a way to form their position and realize their place and benefit to others, as well as an effective tool for popularizing and promoting the ideas of sustainable development, secular asceticism and other concepts in their environment. Projects focused on such ideas can be implemented by public educational institutions, including within the framework of educational programs, associations, charitable foundations and public organizations within the framework of entertainment programs, festivals, youth forums and used as a means of stimulating youth interest in the world of knowledge in the future.

Modern technologies are developing in the spirit of environmental friendliness, naturalness, humanity and asceticism. Digital technologies are the basis for further development. No one can seriously deny their power, value, place and significance in many areas of our lives. The younger generation, accustomed to using new technologies and communicating with friends, accustomed to using not only the Internet, but also smartphones and tablets in their activities, will never be able to live without them. Such personal “technical” capabilities of each as an individual tool and real decentralization in the global process of popularization and promotion of sustainable development.

This may not be a direct alternative to ICO, but it can be used as a tool to increase the transparency and reliability of ICO campaigns, since New Form of Thinking is based on the principle of conveying information in an understandable and accessible form.

The new form of thinking is not an alternative to the already established forms of economic development, but a modern, efficient and laudable mechanism that will help realize the same values ​​of transversal economic development and sustainable, fair and equitable development. A new form of thinking can become a truly new tool for use in areas such as education, scientific, technical and research activities, new technologies, medicine, publishing, medicine, sports, cultural, creative and innovative activities. A new form of thinking can be combined with old, traditional and new models of the world and economy, with the digital economy and the economy of tokens.

This is a new way to give people knowledge in a popular form to solve pressing global problems and challenges. This is a new time that requires new forms and new faces to promote the wonderful ideas of sustainable development.

New principles and meanings for the use of increasingly popular avatars, their role in popularizing and promoting sustainable development. Embedded digital technologies, wide accessibility, balanced budget, flexibility, responsiveness to trends and many other advantages of avatars are arguments in favor of using them in the popularization and promotion of sustainable development.