The economic growth paradigm has led to a selfish, consumerist and consumerist culture where the pursuit of happiness comes in the form of material goods, a culture where the growth of individual debt is unmanageable, and the state and other institutions are forced to intervene in the economy because it cannot support such an unsustainable culture. A system has been formed when the communicative function for data transmission, the development of new technologies in this area and other high-tech industries, the whole subculture formed around them does not initially determine the reliability of the data themselves. This is a significant gap, but it has become a factor in the common practice of obtaining high returns. The presence of such a system and the question “How to strike a balance between the unconditional benefits of digital technologies and the risk of losses in hype digital investment projects?” is the cornerstone of the global development of high technologies and the achievement of sustainable development goals. Are the standard lines of white papers and elaborate promotion just a careful attempt to convince of the advantage and future profits or a disguise for a successful deception?

How can people abstract from the result of the reformatting of initially idealistic technologies of projects “for people” like bitcoin or ether, etc., into projects manipulated and controlled by certain individuals and structures, where investors cannot control their investments, where the inherent decentralisation and independence are overthrown, when the risk of an uncertain future is the risk of achieving sustainable development goals. Man is flesh from flesh – a child of nature. Nature is wise and gives us its interesting alternative examples of disguise, the development of disguise, new opposite meanings in the use of disguise as clues to unreasonable people. The octopus changes color. Most people think it’s a disguise, like lizards and frogs. Octopuses are large inverter mollusks with a soft body and a special outer cover. On the surface of his body there are chromatophores, cells that can change color. He also has the ability to change the surface of his skin from rubbery to shiny and smooth, pimples, wrinkles. This ability to change colours, change surfaces, and rapidly change display is language. The body of an octopus is its tongue. The tongue is on its surface, like the clothes we wear. The manifestation of the mind of an octopus, communication through the surface of the body. One octopus, meeting another, can tell how much time has passed since the other creature had sexual intercourse, how long ago he ate, and so on. The entire emotional, sociological and intellectual gestalt of the being is conveyed on its surface. This is his grammar, this is its language. Octopuses do not see each other, they see the intention to communicate with each other. Phosphorescence – octopus grammar. Deep-sea octopuses are able to understand phosphorescent signs in the depths of the sea, where there is only octopus grammar. They can only see the messages they send.

This is an area of ​​​​pure undisguised mind and perhaps a vector of direction where people should move.

With the help of technology, we are following in the footsteps of cephalopods and trying to create a culture whose surface is syntactic and grammatical. And when we succeed in doing this, the distinction between us as individuals will become much less important. It is the task of history to turn people inside out. Bring the mind to the surface, and internalise the body in the imagination as an object worthy of praise. This is the inversion we are trying to create. This will be the beginning of humanity’s movement towards hyperspace through technological cyberspace.

Cain killed Abel and we damage the earth and rob the future of our children, we do not plan the life of our species in a consistent way, and this is because we cannot communicate with each other enough and have lost responsibility for ourselves, for our actions, for assessment of oneself, for others and the surrounding reality.

The world is ripe for end-to-end communication steps that can be held rather than heard, for controlled and inevitable responsibility. It is a meaning that should inspire and give meaning to the dreams and expectations of all people. It is the meaning that gives purpose to working on such a vision, philosophy of the movement and ways to achieve it. This is the meaning of the existence of the world, society and the most polyvalent model, investments, the meaning of the existence of life, nature and man.